About Us


Allen, Judy and Miya met and became friends at various parties of different companies. All three of them have one thing in common. They all like war movies and the secret reporting and decryption process in film and television dramas.  One day, a friend gave Allen a Morse code bracelet, and then when they were partying together, they took the Morse code bracelet and let everyone guess and decrypt together, and finally the decryption came out as I love you. All three of them I like this bracelet and the idea very much. Then they asked where I got this bracelet. Allen asked friends and bought it online. They also started to search for various bracelets online, but many products came back with high quality And the corresponding code does not match, they are very disappointed. Then the three of them made a unanimous decision to start designing and selling these kinds of bracelets by themselves, and now they start to work together, Judy designs jewelry for women, Miya designs jewelry for little girls, Allen designs Morse code bracelets and Some hand-woven jewelry. They work together but share their creative ideas. They believe that everyone will like the products they designed with heart.

Together, they created the brand Shonyin, which in Chinese means to send you. Shonyin is a young jewelry brand. We have professional customer service and a designer team, timely solve any of your problem. 90-DAYS AFTER-SALES SERVICE, 24-Hours Service, enable you to buy without any anxiety.We Committed to provide you with the jewelry that meets your needs, continuously improving the appearance and quality of products, and we have an ambition to become a brand which consumers need!Jewelry may looks like a luxury item, but for many designers, it is an art form that allows the wearers to express themselves.